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Fleurvana's Code of Values


Creating original floral artistry

& business education, masterclasses, programs & retreats to make education effective & accessible.



We want to see you succeed!

Integrating what you learn & experience through mentorship, coaching & community to help nurture you along your journey!


When one of us wins, we all win!

To elevate individuals & the Fleurvana Community to directly raise the collective success of the Industry!

Masterclass Vault

All of Fleurvana's Summits, Retreats & Masterclasses are Recorded & Added to the Masterclass Vault.


Gain Full Access to all Masterclasses as a Fleurvana Floral Artist!

Fleurvana Academy

Elevate your designs, business, career & energetics through the Advanced Programs of the Fleurvana Academy!


The Fleurvana Academy offers Intensive Retreats, Programs & Workshops for deep growth and expansion. 


Fleurvana Floral Artists get exclusive early bird access to programs along with generous exclusive pricing & commisions!

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